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We are enjoying a wonderful warm sunny summer day here today in Calgary.   Had the chance to spend some time at the cabin last weekend, not as relaxing as I would like but I did manage to get the windows washed inside and out, mow the lawn, and complete a cute craft for my garden all while entertaining the dog.

Today I am going to talk about three of my favorite things that I really like at the moment.  My younger sister got me hooked on Debbie Meyer GreenBags.  I admit it I was skeptical at first but now I just love them.  When we get home from grocery shopping, the majority of my fruits and veggies will go into these bags and honestly the produce does last longer.  I highly recommend them.

Another favorite is the Scrub Daddy .  I have bought a few since I saw them on Shark Tank and this little scrubby is very versatile. It it is quite different than your traditional sponge as you can use it when it’s wet or even when it’s dry.    Buy one for yourself and see if you like it as much as I do.

My recent purchase is the Cookina sheets.  I was looking on The Shopping Channel and spied these reusable cooking sheets.  The ones that I purchased come in a combo pack the Parchminum and the Reusable Non-Stick Sheet.  We have used The Reusable non-stick sheet a few times now on the BBQ, we just cut a piece to cover a portion of the BBQ and wash up after has been a breeze.   I plan to cut another piece to go on the bottom of the oven for those dreaded spills that happen every once in a while.  I have yet to use the Parchminum which is the reusable presentation and cooking sheet.  Perhaps when we get some cool weather I will test it out when making cookies.

Please check out the links to the different products I have talked about today.  Feel free to leave comments!


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