Nice to see you again Nanaimo!

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I recently visited Vancouver Island specifically Nanaimo also known as the “Harbour City” for a family function.  I picked up a Vistor’s Choice guide and they mentioned that Nanaimo is the second largest  city on island, and the third oldest city in British Columbia.  My only regrets were that my trip was too short and that I didn’t fly directly to the Island, rather I chose to meet a sister in Vancouver instead.   All was not lost as I loved the ferry ride to the Island and we had beautiful weather while we were there.    

I have fond memories of Vancouver Island as my Grandma on my mother’s side lived in Cedar and other relatives were scattered around Nanaimo and beyond.  My husband’s step brother and family live in Victoria which I would have love to see but the trip was just too short.

My sister and I had some time to ourselves and we chose to do some sight seeing and went to Qualicum Beach which is a short drive outside of Nanaimo.  It was a bit chilly the day that we went but at least the sun was shining.  We also spent some time with relatives who live in the Nanoose Bay area and found that to be delightful as well.  The Visitor’s Guide says that Qualicum Beach has one of the prettiest pedestrian-friendly downtowns on the Island where-as Nanoose Bay is named after a First Nations band and hosts the peninsula’s large protected harbour plus is a paradise for vacationer’s.  

One evening we chose to take a walk along the wharf  in Nanaimo with cousins and I loved that.  In some sections of the wharf people were crab fishing, which we stopped and watched for a bit.  The few crabs that were caught had to be thrown back as they were just too small for eating. 

I now have the travel bug and want to go back there as soon as I can to enjoy some nice hot weather and the abundant sandy beaches.

If you have the opportunity to visit Vancouver Island I strongly encourage you to do so as there are lots of things to do and it truly is a beautiful place to visit!

Below are some pictures that I took of Nanoose Bay and Qualicum Beach.

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