Just Get Off the Couch and Just Do It!

Hello and welcome to Munch on Celery.  Today’s topic will be about the importance of exercise!

Honestly, if you want to get more exercise get a dog.  Jake our beagle has been a great motivator for me to get off the couch and go for walks.  Most days I get in two walks rain or shine for roughly thirty minutes at a time.  Jake loves his walks that is for sure as he wines and nudges you if you go past the time to take him out.  Our nickname for him is Elmer Fudd as he loves “wabbits”.  You better hang on tight to his leash because once he smells a rabbit he is in full on chase mode and howling to wake up the dead.  On Monday while walking him a runner ran by us and said “beagles are cool”.  Jake is cool that is for sure!

There are some great tools out there to track your walks using your smart phone which are GPS enabled.  Before getting my fitbit I used free apps download to my phone to track steps plus map my route.  In the past I have used Runkeeper and I noticed the app store has some other free apps that one could download such as MapMyDogWalk and Google Fit to help you with your tracking.

Other ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine is to sign up for the different run walk charity events held in your City.  The following link lists all of the running/walking events specific to Calgary that one could participate in  Calgary Fundraising Runs/Walks.  I am sure if you Googled runs and walks in your area you could find a walk or run that interests you that you could participate in.

I admit it that lately I have been lax in getting other forms of exercise into my daily routine besides walking, so this week I have decided that I better get it together and get more physically active.  One of my favorite forms of exercise is running on my rebounder as I find that it is gentler on my knees than running on hard pavement.  This way I can set up Netflix on my computer and watch part of a movie while running in place in the comfort on my own home and not have to worry about the weather.   On Monday I logged 50 minutes in addition to walking the dog and my goal is to get in three runs a week. 

With cardio taken care of I can focus on weight training and yoga.  Currently I don’t have a gym membership and I found that YouTube has some great exercise videos that one can follow along with.  I have tried a few different videos by fitness experts Rebecca Louise, Kelsey Lee, PopSugar Fitness even Jane Fonda BeFit  but I find that her videos are not quite challenging enough for me.  The variety of fitness videos to choose from are endless and one can get a great workout by putting different videos together.

This week I am going to focus on the following videos on Tuesday’s and Thursday to balance off my cardio that I complete on other days. 


I hope you get the opportunity to check out the different ideas I talked about today.  Happy exercising and please feel free to leave any comments that you may have.

 The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.  Walt Disney

2 thoughts on “Just Get Off the Couch and Just Do It!

  1. Angela says:

    You are definitely right about get off the couch and do it! I work five days a week and am on my feet most of the time. So why am i so, let’s use the word fluffy. Last night i hauled 240 boxes of product into my store as they came late and i was the only one who could do it. Surprisingly, i am not sore today. Mmm, interesting. I do enjoy reading your blog. I am not a fan of pancakes but my son enjoys them so maybe today while i am out shopping i will pick up some blueberries and make him some pancakes.
    Thanks for the nudge of getting off the couch. Does walking around a shopping mall count?

    Have a happy day.

    • Anita B. says:

      Thank you for your comments and support! Yes walking around a shopping mall counts as exercise as well as hauling 240 boxes of product into a store.

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