Happy Birthday to Me!!!

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It is a beautiful day here in Calgary, Alberta the sun is shining for now, but lately we seem to be having some rain showers in the afternoon.

In my first post I mentioned that I chose to embark on a weight loss and fitness journey.  The particular program that I chose to use was Weight Watchers, although a bit pricey I find that their online tools are well worth the extra costs.  In the past I have used myfitnesspal which is another great online tool that is a free calorie counter, diet and exercise journal.  I chose Weight Watchers as I wanted to go to a group and get inspiration from other members that are having successes and at times disappointments just like me.  Last week I managed to exceed my 10% goal and am happy to report that I am down 22 pounds since the second week of January of this year.  I have a ways to get to my goal and I know that road isn’t always easy but I am sticking to it and reminding myself that I am not on a diet but rather I have adopted a lifestyle change.

birthday card 2016

 I recently celebrated my birthday and wanted to show the gorgeous card my very talented sister made for me.  Honestly the picture does not do it justice. She is a very creative person and for a while now different family members and friends have been blessed to receive one of her handmade creations.   I am still in awe of her card.  It definitely is a keeper and sits on the shelf in my office so that I can glance at it from time to time when working at my desk.

For my birthday my husband took me out for dinner to Moxie’s which is local restaurant.  I find it hard to figure out what to eat and I am happy to report that a lot of the restaurants have nutritional values for their current menu’s online.  In the end I chose to eat a lettuce burger which was quite unique and inspirational all at the same time.  To get a burger sandwiched between a small head of lettuce is interesting in itself and in the end was quite tasty.  I will definitely have that again.  We chose to share a dessert which was the mini salted caramel cheesecake with a blackberry sauce, to sum it up it one word it was yummy!  It’s interesting to note that some restaurants in Calgary have figured out that sometimes you just want a bite of dessert and not this huge portion. 

For my next post I hope to share a couple of my favorite products as well as a couple of recipes that I really like.  So I leave you with an inspiration quote plus a video of Jake being a goofball while out for a walk the other day.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeatedly day in a day out.”  ~ Robert J. Collier

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